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Stages to move in

Rent a Room in Chester


  1. Tenant pays rent and deposit(rent and deposit same as each other) with £100 being non refundable if they choose to not move in.  All moneys would be refunded if the tenant is declined by the Landlord/Agent.  This holds the room for you.  Pay this payment into Account Name Prime Properties Bank Account number 68399368 Sort Code 089250 (COOP BANK).  Call me to confirm this has been done.  Any delays will delay move in date.  Room is not held until atleast a minimum of £100 payment is received.  These moneys are deducted from the balance due to prior to moving in.
  2. We will send you a request to store and use your data for the purposes of generating your tenancy agreement with a GDPR request which you need to read and respond to if you agree by email to
  3. We will send you a link to an application form to click and fill out online.  I need you to do this before before we can move to the next stage.


  1. We need proof of employment from the tenant (Payslips of last 3 months is suffice), a Landlord reference is useful if possible from previous Landlord.  We may ask for proof of income if we are not able to build a full profile of yourself.  We need a copy of your passport or drivers license.
  2. We will send you electronically by email all documents that make up this tenancy agreement.  You will need to read through each document and sign and complete as applicable using Docusign.  Until you have signed these electronically we cannot move onto stage 3.  We do though set your tenancy start in date at this time and this date once set remains in force and cannot be changed as we will lodge your deposit in stage 3 and use the date stated on tenancy agreement as move in date.
  3. We will need from you a copy of your passport or drivers license to confirm you have a right to rent in the UK.   We need to see the actual document on the day you move in.


  1. We need to have received atleast 3 days prior to movjng in the balance of rent and deposit.
  2. We will need from you proof that you have set up a Standing Order to Account Name Prime Properties Bank Account number 68399368 Sort Code 089250 (COOP BANK) to commence the same day of the month you move in commencing from the following month so if you move in 6th January we need the standing order printout from your bank to commence 6th February and repeat monthly on the 6th of each month until further notice.
  3. We need to see your actual hard copy photo ID.


Please be aware that we will give you 72 hours after moving in to advise us of any damage not shown on the inventory.  If we do not get back from you within 72 hours of the tenancy move in date any notice of amendments to the inventory then the inventory stands as it is.

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